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Canon's Unified Firmware Platform:  Full Speed Ahead in Existing Copier Models


The burden of administrators handling an entire fleet can be significantly lifted by usability improvements and features that simply make doing their job more efficient.

Visiting a car dealership (even if today, most buyers’ research is done online beforehand), there’s multiple variables to consider. Beyond budget and leasing options, one must consider speed (that sleek, streamlined sports car), functionality (the gas-friendly cross-over with room for the dog), safety/security, as well as that inevitable drop in value with that vehicle moving forward.   

The same used to be said about copiers.

Traditionally, parallels exist between the two. New upgrades and features for Multifunction Printers were introduced by model exclusively, deeming your copier obsolete with every new feature introduced.  But with Canon’s Unified Firmware Platform, you can have your speed and functionality, with little to no worry of impending value depreciation.

By utilizing common source code for firmware development for models within the third generation imageRUNNER ADVANCE family, continuous feature improvement at no additional cost became a reality. The Unified Firmware Platform (current version v3.6) allows for version upgrades, including additional functionality, to existing models in a same generation on a regular basis.

Administrators and end users alike enjoy improved notifications, scan and send usability improvements and security enhancements. Features included in the v3.6 release means further streamlined fleet management and an overall enhanced user experience.

“As technology and security requirements change, the Canon devices will keep up with the changes. It (the device) will actually get better while you own it,” said Jimmy Nunn, Technical Sales Executive with Canon USA.

Six user highlights of v3.6 include:

1. Visual Message: Communicate Corporate Information

  • v3.5 and earlier: Administrators were limited to the main menu background or ULM log-in screen to display messages to end users.
  • From v3.6: An image can be displayed over the screen to act as a screensaver or pop-up in order to communicate information to the user. Use cases include but are not limited to corporate or school announcements, tips, events, help desk information or even advertising for local businesses.

2. Forced Hold Printing: Change Print Settings with PS Driver

  • v3.5 and earlier: Jobs sent with UFR II and PCL allowed for the print settings  to be changed at the device.
  • From v3.6: Jobs sent with the PS driver also have this functionality.

3. Paper Jam Tutorial Video: Easily Demonstrate Removal

  • v3.5 and earlier: Paper jam tutorial unavailable on demand.
  • From v3.6: A sample paper jam tutorial can be played on demand from Settings/Registration, allowing the ease of paper jam removal to be demonstrated.

4. Scan or Print: Pop-up Screen for USB Memory Media

  • v3.5 and earlier: When USB memory is connected, the message “The memory media has been connected,”  and an eject button are displayed in the status line.  
  • From v3.6: When USB memory is connected, pop-up screen to select Scan and Store in or Print from Memory Media is displayed.

5. Consumables, Paper Jam Notifications: Administrator Alerts

  • v3.5 and earlier: imageWARE Enterprise Management Console is required to configure administrator notifications.
  • From v3.6: Emails can be automatically sent to administrators to notify of devices in need of replacement

6. Scan to eFAX Mode: Fax Function can be converted to Fax Server Function 

  • v3.5 and earlier: The Fax screen allows users to send only G3 Faxes
  • From v3.6:  Scan to eFAX Mode is newly added, utilizing existing FAX screen. Users who have switched the fax method from G3 Fax to the use of Fax server can send I-Faxes in the same manner as G3 Fax,  by just entering the fax number of the destination.

Staying in front of ever-evolving security protocols is more critical today than ever before. Likewise, the burden of administrators handling an entire fleet can be significantly lifted by usability improvements and features that simply make doing their job more efficient.

The Unified Firmware Platform makes these advantages regularly available on an ongoing basis, starting the minute you pull it out of the box.

If you are interested in learning more about the Unified Firmware Platform, or ways you can improve efficiency and workflow processes, we’d love to visit with you.


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