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Importance of Sustainable Printing to Media Outlets

Being more and more sustainable is becoming very important to consumers, especially as consumption levels are growing all around the world. Paper productions, done by cutting down trees and hurting our natural forests, are becoming a serious threat to our environment and atmosphere. Brainstorming and figuring more methods of recycling printing paper is becoming a necessity than ever before.

On average about 1610 pound tree produces around 80,500 sheets of paper, which is just about 161 packs of print paper. If you utilize recycled paper, you are eliminating the need to cut down trees.

Media outlets throughout the world are making moves to use 100% recycled stock instead of the traditional paper usage. Approximately 700 plus magazines in the US are using over 30 million trees worth of paper every year. If they switched to a more sustainable way of printing their paper, they could greatly reduce their carbon footprint.

Almost half million tress would be saved annually just by media outlets using recycled paper. To learn more about managed print services contact a representative at Datamax Arkansas.