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McAfee Embedded Control Enhances Endpoint Security on Canon MFPs


McAfee Embedded Control blocks the execution of unauthorized applications like malware through intelligent whitelisting.

In an attempt to fully secure your home, imagine creating a list of every potential intruder that exists in your neighborhood, in your city, and beyond. Now – imagine creating a list of every APPROVED individual into your home.

There’s beauty – and success – in simplicity.

That’s essentially the philosophy behind whitelisting – the methodology behind McAfee’s embedded control bundled with Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 3rd edition MFPs. While blacklisting, a more familiar cybersecurity strategy to most, includes a list of every potential threat that needs to be blocked from your endpoints, whitelisting is the inverse of that thinking. It’s creating a list of only the approved actions and applications to run on your network.

First, one must recognize today’s MFP for what it is – another endpoint on your network, just as susceptible to hackers attempting to gain access as a PC. With this in mind, Canon conducted research and defined detailed requirements with the goal of implementing a secure solution against this threat.

The ideal solution would safeguard sensitive documents against breaches, defend against unknown threats, monitor and prevent unauthorized access, and prevent unauthorized program execution and changes to printer firmware.

The Office Printer Security Needs:

In its quest to fully protect today’s office printer, Canon considered the following for its solution requirements.

  • Help protect Canon multifunction printers from zero-day and advanced threats
  • Help Canon customers avoid breaches and secure confidential data
  • Help guard against malware introduced through unapproved applications
  • Help prevent unauthorized changes to printer systems
  • Help with customer’s compliance requirements

The Office Printer Security Solution:

McAfee Embedded Control, which already protects over three million devices such as ATMs, blocks the execution of unauthorized applications like malware through intelligent whitelisting. Canon selected McAfee because of the strength of its brand, its broad-based market experience, its proven reliability in embedded security, and its high levels of end user satisfaction.

In addition to preventing execution of malware, McAfee Embedded Control only allows for authorized updates approved by Canon to be implemented within the supported imageRUNNER ADVANCE system. This helps prevent tampering of existing firmware and applications.

Canon + McAfee: The Office Printer Security Results:

What does this partnership provide?

  • Provides Canon customers with a more secure solution
  • Helps protect against zero-day and advanced persistent threats (APTs) through intelligent, real-time application whitelisting
  • Helps limit data loss by blocking unauthorized or potentially malicious applications
  • Helps protect the integrity of the printer system
  • Helps address regional and global compliance mandates

The Canon + McAfee security partnership, in short, builds customer confidence that the multifunction printers they use every day are fully protected. There is tremendous pressure to keep your security program updated and to promote an approach that accounts for changing business priorities, shifting security controls, and new attack techniques.

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