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Print Controls & Capabilities for School IT Directors Spinning Too Many Plates


The right Print Capabilities and Controls can stop so many plates from spinning, so you can craft initiatives that actually elevate the classroom experience. 

Without the right control and capabilities in place, an executive chef can be left spinning plates, rather than perfecting them on their way out to the kitchen floor.

His or her time is better spent planning orders for ingredients or equipment, constructing creative menus or offering final approval on a dish before it reaches a guest.

When an executive chef — or an IT director responsible for a district’s entire technology infrastructure — get stuck on menial tasks, innovation suffers. Handling printers can be a lot like peeling potatoes – time consuming, labor-intensive and ultimately unproductive for the organization as a whole. As the IT director of your district, are you spinning too many plates? Is there no time left for innovation?

23 percent of all IT help desk calls are printer-related, according to the International Data Corporation.  The right Print Capabilities and Controls can stop so many plates from spinning, so you can craft initiatives that actually elevate the classroom experience. 

3 Print Controls and Capabilities To Help IT Carve Up More Productivity on Campus

1. Universal Driver Management.

Imagine, for line cooks, one recipe for anything on the menu.

Trying to keep track of a multitude of printers from a variety of manufacturers? Universal Driver Management introduces one system, one set of rules, and one universal print driver district-wide. This ensures correct output as requested, and also reduces user dissatisfaction with the printing process and saves costs by cutting waste.

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2. Remote Printing Capabilities.

The makeup of the professional kitchen continues to evolve as the things clients value changes. The same applies to today's classroom, teachers and students. 

Has the number of devices you manage multiplied exponentially in the past few years, with the same desire to print from each of them?

With remote printing functionality, IT Directors don't just add capabilities that students and teachers value (the ability to print from the device of their choice). They manage a remote print environment with equally-rich visibility into what's being printed ... and what shouldn't be.

3. Device Monitoring, Alerts, and Reporting. 

The brigade de cuisine system of kitchen communication modernized culinary arts, giving kitchens a military-style ethic that delivers efficient, effective service under strong leadership. It helps the executive chef maintain control.

How are issues across your fleet communicated, when there's a device at the high school out of toner, and three MFPs in the administration office with three different error codes? With device status monitoring, alerts, and reporting, IT personnel can monitor the status of their entire enabled print fleet, facilitating control of all devices.

As the Director of Technology at your school, are you spinning too many plates? Ready to pursue the print controls and capabilities that your school may be starved for right now. Learn more by downloading our eBook, "K-12 Print Management: 12 Relevant Capabilities and Cost-Saving Controls!"

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