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Print With Peace of Mind: Top 10 Reasons to Use Papercut MF

Datamax Papercut MF

For those who have lost their handle on office print costs, and office print usage, print management provides that peace of mind. And Papercut MF is software that uses the power of your devices for good — easy, secure, and waste-free printing.

When it comes to business processes, business owners,  IT administrators, and office managers essentially seek peace of mind.

  • Streamlined business workflow processes that optimize productivity,
  • Shored up IT network infrastructure that ensures security,
  • And flexible, yet accurately tracked print processes that control both user behavior and your bottom line.

When this level of peace of mind is achieved, we all sleep a little better at night. But doing so forces some assessment and discovery. What you don't know can hurt your bottom line and business productivity. Does your company realize how many documents are wasted daily — money literally thrown away? How aware of you of the many hidden costs of printing? (Overbuying supplies, IT time wasted troubleshooting the printer connection, and buying too many digital copiers (or not enough) are just a few others)?

For those who have lost their handle on office print costs, and print usage, print management provides that peace of mind. And Papercut MF is software that uses the power of your devices for good — easy, secure, and waste-free printing.

Print With Peace of Mind: Top 10 Reasons to Use Papercut MF Print Management.

1. It gives your wallet and the environment a welcome break.

Reams of paper, boxes of toner, hours of IT support… Waste can really pile up with printing. But with PaperCut MF, you get powerful visibility to see how small choices add up to big impacts. Customizable policies and prompts help users opt for the eco-friendly option; and job attributes can be changed at the printer, showing the positive outcome in real-time on the screen.

2. It protects print jobs for your peace of mind.

Print systems are complex. Multiple networks and devices are tasked with handling sensitive data constantly open to attack from hackers – inside and out. With PaperCut MF, your data is protected before, during, and after you hit ‘print.’ Users get validated, jobs stay traceable, and documents can be watermarked to keep costly breaches at bay.

3. It makes releasing print jobs convenient, flexible, and secure.

PaperCut’s Find-Me Printing solves the needs of IT and users equally. Your IT team manages one secure print queue with any number of printers; and users send jobs to that queue to release at any printer. It’s the ultimate tool for document security, as jobs only release when authorized by the sender in person. Plus, if a printer’s down, users can simply select another nearby.

4. It lets you print on any device, to any device, from anywhere.

Today’s users expect to print on demand from any device, which is no mean feat to deliver. PaperCut MF’s Mobility Print gets it done with mobile and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) printing across any brand, model, and operating system. Roaming users? No problem. Print Deploy pushes the right print drivers and queues in bulk to keep on-the-move users printing – even without a server or Active Directory.

5. It makes scanning simple, useful, and future-proof.

Recreating PDFs just to edit them, searching for relevant text… Scanning can be frustrating. But with Integrated Scanning and OCR (optical character recognition), users can securely send text-searchable, editable documents to a vast variety of local and cloud-hosted destinations like email, Google Drive, SharePoint, and more – all with a couple of taps on the device.

6. It boasts a variety of flexible syncing and hosting options.

Managing user databases isn’t exactly a fun pastime. That’s why PaperCut MF supports directories of all flavors to keep things hassle-free. Use GoogleSync and Azure AD if you’re partial to the cloud; or Active Directory for a more traditional setup. You can even mix and match to make directory transitions that much easier. Better yet, all PaperCut MF data can be hosted on-site or in the cloud to meet your needs.

7. It adapts to you and your business in every way.

Worried about outgrowing your software? Worry no more. PaperCut MF is highly scalable, flexible, and used by customers with 10s, 100s, or 1000s of printers in the mix. Beyond scaling, PaperCut MF can adapt to any change with support for over 25 printer brands, and commitment to a multi-platform solution. No more hardware decisions held up by software limitations. Rejoice!

8. It surfaces data and insights for meaningful change.

Changing behavior without data on current behavior? That’s a tough ask. But with PaperCut MF’s 75+ built-in reports and custom reporting, you’ll get empowering data and insights for all areas – from detailed page logs to summaries by user, department, and device. You can also view, export, print, or schedule email delivery of reports to keep your hands-on involvement low.

9 It’s incredibly easy to use for everyone.

One of our favorite PaperCut slogans is “it just works.” From initial installation and user adaptation to continued management and implementation of new features, we build software that’s easy to use in every way. Plus, our admin console is the most user-friendly and intuitive of any output management platform according to Buyers Lab – so experts and newcomers alike will feel right at home.

10. It’s supported by a peerless network of knowledge.

Everything at PaperCut is centered around a customer-first philosophy – especially when it comes to supporting you at every step. Our 700+ Knowledge Base articles are perfect for self-service DIY fixes, and our global network of support staff and partners means you have access to real people with real answers – in your timezone, on the ground, and often just around the corner.

Did we mention it pairs well with a reputable print management partner? If you're curious about whether Papercut would be a good fit for your office, a Datamax Print Assessment can show you how much your copiers and printers are costing you today AND outline a more cost-effective strategy for tomorrow. Get started today!


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