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Productivity That Soars: Collaborate, Connect and Control with Cloud-based Content Management


Cloud-based content management solutions like Box bridge the gap between a scattered, yet somehow still collaborative, workforce. 

The Wright Brothers are the quintessential example of old-school collaboration. Collectively, Wilbur and Orville accomplished something on Dec. 17, 1903 that no individual engineer or inventor could on his or her own: Achieve manned and controlled flight.

Beyond simply playing off each other’s individual strengths to develop the three-axis controls that made flying a fixed-wing aircraft possible, the brothers (based in Dayton, Ohio) collaborated via telegram with the US Weather Bureau to determine their testing ground of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina (there were reportedly sustained breezes and ample sand dunes that would allow for softer landings during early tests).

Today, unlike in 1903, collaboration is not the exception, but rather the rule in the workplace.

Teams today seek solutions for fast cross-team collaboration, sharing documents in multiple stages, through multiple file types and sizes in a manner that fit their on-the-go modus operandi (smart phones and tablets spread across various locations). In other words, the more scattered that the workforce becomes, the closer it seeks to work together.

On top of that, to combat the consumerization of IT in the workplace, IT managers must maintain control. Employees using unapproved technologies (tablets, smartphones, etc) and devices at work to fit their preferred work method is an unabashed network security risk.

How do organizations:

  1. Integrate a modern work method at premium pace and with optimal collaboration,
  2. and do so in a universally governed manner?

Cloud-based content management solutions like Box bridge the gap between a scattered, yet somehow still collaborative, workforce. A cloud-based solution lets your team nimbly coordinate ideas and collaborate in real-time, while they're on the go.  With documents and overall content in the midst of a digital transformation, management platforms like it enable content to flow effortlessly between teams, partners and customers, without compromising on security, governance and compliance.

Much like the Wright Brothers before them, Box promotes the idea that in a more collaborative work environment, communication and productivity soars.

4 High Flying Examples of how Box Helps Organizations Easily Collaborate and Fully Connect….

The key to successful collaboration rests on the ability for teams to universally store content, share ideas and make clearly-transparent updates on documents… as seamlessly as possible. Here are a few real-world examples;

1. Sales Department

Reps can create and collaborate on RFPs on the fly. Monitor interest levels from prospects and easily collaborate across departments like professional services, legal, marketing and other sales teams. In addition, with Box mobile capabilities, reps can quickly find and share relevant content from any device at any time.

2. Marketing Department

Constantly dealing with large rich-media assets like images and video, they can access a single location to store, manage and share content. Team members can develop assets faster, eliminate the need to keep track of multiple versions, and integrate Box into existing work processes.

3. Human Resources Department

Utilizing a centralized employee record repository, teams can secure confidential employee information by allowing access to all necessary parties but restricting edit rights for certain individuals. By having a unified workspace where employees can easily submit, store and search for private information, productivity increases.

4. Executive/Board

Are execs still sharing confidential information which must be printed and mailed to board members? Content management solutions like Box allow them to access and take actions with content no matter what device they are working from. Speed up workflows by assigning tasks and comments to other executives directly on documents, removing the need to track discussions over email.

…and Still Control their Network Infrastructure

So many documents… So many devices. Security is the top concern for organizations committed to putting the right controls in place to safeguard information not accessible to certain parties.

IT administrators can find comfort in cloud-based platforms that allow them to manage access and sharing policies, while minimizing the risk of data loss through central management of files, security, policy and provisioning. Additionally, among the compliance bases that should be covered with any content management platform:

  • SOC 1, SOC 2 and SOC 3
  • ISO 27001/27018
  • DoD Cloud SRG
  • FINRA/SEC 17a-4
  • GxP
  • GDPR

10 years ago, MIT’s Sloan School of Management professor Tom Malone predicted that “A lot of the most important innovations in the next couple of decades will not be innovations in technology itself, but innovations in how people work together.”

While Malone’s forecast has proven philosophically true, technology itself can be the engine that fuels collaboration… and the wings that enable productivity to soar.

Do you struggle with communication barriers between departments? Clogged with countless email exchanges? A cloud-based content management solution can store your documents in a single central location that increases transparency and improves cross-collaboration. Interested? Let’s visit to further explore your workflow environment!


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