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The Need for Speed: 6 Business Communication Solutions for the 'Next Normal'

Business Communication Solutions with Datamax

If the need for speed still exists within your workspace, these business communication solutions can help keep collaboration afloat, launch communication avenues relevant to today's work culture, and keep your team gliding smoothly across the waters of everyday business.

Much like humans, it’s amazing what companies will do when they have to, and how little they will do when the water seems calm.

The coronavirus pandemic proved this, as it forced dramatic shifts in everyday business thinking. As March ensued and they began shifting course in 2020, businesses were left to reassess strategies, and to reengage their clients, prospects and internal teams in creative new ways. Collaboration became a very real challenge while digital business communication solutions — when utilized effectively — became a valuable asset.

The need for speed became nonnegotiable - the alternative, of course, was relative stand-still. Video conferencing emerged as a default meeting tool. Remote work was suddenly a CEO-approved business model. New technology was adopted literally overnight for scattered teams to communicate remotely, for sales teams to reach customers amid lock-down, for businesses processes to resume ... albeit in a re-imagined way.

Reaching into the future, what lies ahead in what consulting firm McKinsey & Company calls “The Next Normal?” In a recent article, the firm writes:

“The need for speed has never been greater … An organization designed for speed will see powerful outcomes, including greater customer responsiveness, enhanced capabilities, and better performance, in terms of cost efficiency, revenues, and return on capital." - McKinsey & Company

If the need for speed still exists within your workspace, these business communication solutions can help keep collaboration afloat, launch communication avenues relevant to today's work culture, and keep your team gliding smoothly across the waters of everyday business, no matter how the climate evolves moving ahead.

The need for speed: 6 Business Communication solutions For ‘The Next Normal’

1. Video Conferencing

Zoomed out at this point? Perhaps so. But there's no denying video conferencing's ability to keep companies connected when in-person meetings became impossible. And there's little saying that it's going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, the video conferencing market size is set to exceed $50 billion by 2026, according to a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc.

A few benefits: 

  • Face to face meetings via HD video eliminate unnecessary travel and empower teams with remote members to be more productive
  • Establish a personal connection with customers and business partners, and improve internal communication between offices
  • Save on above-mentioned travel costs ... according to one report, by as much as $11,000 annually per employee. 

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2. Cloud-based Phone System

A cloud-based phone system, with an integrated combination of collaboration-rich features, can increase up-time dramatically and potentially reduce phone costs when compared to a legacy phone system.

  • Features such as voicemail to email, hold & park, call transfer, and call recording can be managed through your company's private administrative portal.
  • In the event of disaster or outage, forward calls to your mobile devices or to an off-site location
  • Lower your operating expenses by eliminating the need for expensive equipment and the technical experts needed to install, maintain and repair equipment

3. Desktop Integration

A desktop app that integrates with other collaboration tools brings call, chat, text, and file sharing under an "all-in-one" scenario at your cubicle or inside your office. 

  • Use your desktop application to place and receive calls in two ways, either as a call controller for your associated desk phone or as a softphone from your PC or Mac
  • Send and receive chats with team members (individuals and groups)
  • Launch a meeting or share your desktop, documents, or applications with one click

4. Mobile Capabilities

It's no surprise that employees today are utilizing smartphones more than ever before. When integrated into your communications platform, a mobile app tied to your cloud-based phone system can: 

  • Makes any smart phone an essential collaboration tool
  • Extends your business phone number and extension to your mobile phone
  • Allows you to place and receive calls, see who is available, chat with colleagues and manage voicemail — anytime, anywhere

5. 'Virtual' Fax

As antiquated as it may feel, fax is still a rudimentary part of workflow for so many organizations ... particularly in the healthcare sector. A web-based fax solution: 

  • Allows users to receive and manage faxes via the web or email
  • Transmits faxes directly from a Windows®-based PC
  • Allows senders to simply dial the WebFax number from their fax machine, as they normally would

6. Remote Office Phones

Working from home? Bring your business phone with you. 

  • Pre-configured phones can be plugged in to any location that has an internet connection
  • Remote desk phones work exactly the same way as they do in the office, with access to all the same features and functionality as everyone else in the company

These features and more fit seamlessly under one platform with a Unified Communications initiative. In an increasingly mobile and remote workforce, it creates the cohesive experience — and facilitates the need for speed — every business user relies on to succeed. Interested in learning more? Schedule your Unified Communications Assessment today!

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