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Throw That Filing Cabinet Away

If you are in the process of cleaning out your office then we have a suggestion for something you should get rid of.

Get rid of the hunk of metal formally known as a filing cabinet! The filing cabinet is one of the most useless office supplies you have.

Your employees spend far too much time digging through its contents looking for a document that should be simple to find. The filing cabinet offers no benefits for your business flow or employees.

You might wonder, well how will I store documents and files without it? But we have the perfect business solution for you!

Document Management from Datamax will save your business from all of the document filing frustrations your company may have. Document Management systems have the power to revolutionize a business’ operations and give it an advantage on the competition.

Datamax offers a top of the line document management system.

• We offer content management: Electronic document solutions provide an easy way to store all of your company’s information, but still have it readily available.

• We offer electronic faxing: Fax server technology allows far greater functionality for faxing. You will benefit from fax routing, multiple line support and multi-task access.

• We offer document routing and capture: Our multifunction systems can help scan and disperse documents to a variety of destinations. Routing and capture is also essential to creating an electronic document management system with easy indexing.

• We offer you an efficient workflow: By increasing operational efficiency through workflow optimization you can streamline almost any manual office process. Automated processes save time and eliminate costs.

Stop wasting your time on those silly filing cabinets and reap the benefits of document management today!

To learn more about document management and how a document management system from Datamax can help optimize your office, please contact us today!