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Assess Twice, Purchase Once: Building Your Best Tech Solution


But the only way acquiring technology can improve your bottom line is if it addresses a specific need or improves on your current processes.

Everyone knows to measure twice and cut once. But too many people acquire technology without knowing what their company really needs.

When you view our website, you see assessments everywhere. This is not a marketing ploy to encourage website engagement. It's part of the process to convert you into a Raving Fan and ensure you get what you need. So let's discuss how the assessment part of the Raving Fan process works.

Discover, Assess, and Deliver

We begin by asking why, as in "Why you are looking to acquire a new piece of equipment?" Some businesses make the mistake of acquiring technology that's provided a high return on investment for others, hoping that merely by owning it, they will become more profitable.

But the only way acquiring technology can improve your bottom line is if it addresses a specific need or improves on your current processes. It is vital that you understand your needs before you consider making any purchase.

Workflow, Print, and Networks: What We Assess

While we have a broad range of technology expertise, so we can best evaluate your process and needs, our primary focus is on improving your workflow, print process, and information technology networks. Here's how we conduct our assessments.

Workflow assessments focus on how your company processes and publishes information, both internally and externally. We begin by analyzing how you process your key documents and share information. Next, we document what we've learned, including which people participate in each process at each stage. We then recommend a streamlined process using the technology that will maximize your ROI.

Print assessment focuses on your print services needs. First, we analyze your current printing process. This includes identifying the devices you use and when you print documents – and how many documents you print and copy. Next, we look for hidden costs in your process, such as always printing in color.

Using that information, we propose a new printing strategy, including an optimized, balanced printing fleet that minimizes your carbon footprint. We ensure that the devices are placed in the most productive locations to streamline workflow. The result is a lower total ownership cost.

Network assessments focus on your managed networks. We begin by documenting your network's manageability, scalability, and suitability for your needs. Next, we discuss our findings with you and decide together what actions we should take next. Then, we identify the necessary resources, prepare the existing infrastructure for the new devices, and onboard the right services.

After the Assessment

After every assessment, you'll receive a report detailing our findings and recommendations. You can then decide what makes sense for your building.

If you're ready to build a better business, click below to schedule a no-strings-attached assessment.

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