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Everyone Knows How to Use the Copier, Right? Wrong

Canon Copiers

Not everyone needs to understand the intricacies of how to do everything on the equipment, but understanding the capabilities of the office copier(s) could save money.

Everyone in your office knows how to use the copier, right? 

If you mean do they know enough to copy a document or print to the copier or printer, then you’re right. 

But . . .

  • Do they know that your copier has apps to make it easier to print and to receive scanned documents (among other apps – the specifics vary by manufacturer)? 
  • Do they understand the print rules you’ve put in place to save money and improve processes? 
  • Do they understand when they should print black and white and when color documents are a more effective alternative?
  • Are they intimidated by the user interface and various options? 
Do they really understand how to use the equipment to both remove paper by scanning and digitizing paper documents for easier access AND using the same device to create printed, customer-focused marketing materials?At this point, you’re probably shaking your head side-to-side and thinking, “I don’t even know how to do all of that!” Fifteen to 20 years ago, copiers were transitioning from being single-function . . . well . . . copy machines to the multifunction devices of today. The “Start” button isn’t always even a physical button sometimes, but a “button” on a screen. 

On larger multifunction copiers, the user interface could have 20 plus buttons, a touch screen, and a keyboard. 

If you don’t know how to use this interface to make the machine do what you want it to do, that can become frustrating. And that frustration can lead to your office mates not using the capabilities of the equipment to their fullest. 

Here’s a partial list of capabilities for Canon’s imageRUNNER line of multifunction copiers:

  • Customizable interface – create personal workflows, preview stored documents, change the number and size of the buttons
  • Access documents directly from the cloud at the user interface
  • Print and scan from mobile devices
  • Create workflows for repeated tasks and add to the Quick Menu
  • Track use by individual or by department
  • Various color and finishing options 

Not everyone needs to understand the intricacies of how to do everything on the equipment, but understanding the capabilities of the office copier(s) could save money. For instance, if someone doesn’t understand color and binding options and needs to create a booklet for customers, they could outsource that job to an office supply store when it could have been done in-house – for less. 

Training Is a Good Thing

One of the most overlooked parts of anything related to technology is managing the change that technology creates. Whether a new process or a new piece of equipment; some of your co-workers will be threatened by or nervous about change. Others will just be nervous and unsure about learning something new – and new office equipment, regardless of how similar copiers all look on the surface, will be different “under the hood.” 

Training is how you overcome those worries. 

We can support your training needs through our ConnectCARE service offering. In addition to providing initial training on office equipment, ongoing support and training for installing device drivers, application support, and help desk support is available.

If you want to be sure you’re maximizing your investment in your office equipment – and that everyone is able to use the tools at their fingertips – let’s talk.   

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