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MEAP MEAP! Next-Gen Document Scanning from Canon and Worldox

Your law firm can maximize billable hours with Canon's MEAP integration with Worldox legal case management software.

The goal of MEAP (Multifunctional Embedded Application Platform) is to better leverage imageRunner Advance devices to improve document access and integration tasks for law firms of all sizes.

In any law practice, the billable hour is sacred. To maximize those hours you need an efficient workflow, and that requires using the right technology. If the right technology is used correctly, your firm can save time and money by automating a sizable portion of your legal processes.

Canon is a leader in digital imaging solutions and has the hardware and software that can help you achieve an efficient workflow. One of the key technologies Canon offers is its MEAP software, which runs on the imageRunner Advance platform and certain imageRunner MFPs.

But before you can take advantage of MEAP, you have to understand what it is. Knowing that can help your practice take its next steps in optimized case management.

MEAP - The Technical Definition

The goal of MEAP (Multifunctional Embedded Application Platform) is to better leverage imageRunner Advance devices to improve document access and integration tasks for law firms of all sizes. It is a JAVA-based application software platform embedded in all of Canon's networked imageRunner devices. Together, Canon and Worldox worked together to use MEAP technology for Canon's Scan to Worldox solution.

Per: "The MEAP connection provides users with a driver-less, server-less mobile print and scan solution" that allows users to enter client-related information directly at the multi-function copier's control panel. The application provides full-featured information capture and analysis without the need for a hardware terminal.

What MEAP Does For Your Law Firm In Real Terms

MEAP allows you to easily scan hard copy documents into your Worldox document repositories indexes directly from your Canon imageRunner ADVANCE MFP automatically. There is no need to go through a configuration process every time you scan; the MEAP does it for you. This saves you time and money while minimizing mistakes.

When combined with compatible Canon MFPs and multifunction copiers, the application can benefit firms by reducing costs and improve security by providing control over access to important legal documents. And, mirroring the Worldox desktop, Scan to Worldox is accessible directly from the main menu of imageRunner ADVANCE devices (and supports both locally hosted and cloud based installations of the Worldox document management system), helping law firms to streamline workflows.

This seamless integration with Worldox and server-less design is the technology law firms have needed to improve productivity, streamline workflows, reduce costs, manage documents, and - of course - push fewer buttons.

How to Learn More about MEAP

Want more information? We can help - we are authorized Canon resellers and are fully certified on Canon's imageRunner line and Worldox.

You can also find information about MEAP from Canon.

Worldox users can investigate and create workflows using the online Worldox Simulator. Click here to access.

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