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Nothing Lasts Forever, Definitely Not Your Copier

Nothing, including your copier, can last forever.

Copiers and printers can remain effective for years. However, they don't last forever.

How much has technology changed in the past few years? Every other day it seems like something new is in the pipeline – and it's only been a decade since the iPhone was first introduced. This pace is great for innovation, but it makes your IT outdated. Digital copiers, printers, computers, and the rest of your office equipment get left behind. Yet many businesses are surprised that keeping their 20-year-old digital copier around is a bad idea, even if it does still function. 

How Old Technology Does More Harm Than Good

You might assume that holding onto an old digital copier is the prudent choice for your business. If you only focus on the office equipment price, you overlook the opportunity costs of your existing technology.

Increased Overhead Costs

Let's start with your electricity costs. New equipment has Energy Star ratings that indicate better efficiency with the device's energy requirements. Old copiers use heat to get the toner onto the paper. While this technique is found in many of today's printers and copiers, the electricity needed for this process is greatly reduced. When you stick with your older machine, you pay more in utility bills over time.

Poor Security

Hackers don't always need to come up with new ways to break into a network. Old equipment often provides them an open door. You have fewer security options with obsolete hardware, especially if the manufacturer hasn't updated the associated software or firmware in years. Today's digital copiers have access to advanced network security features, including biometrics and user access controls.

Increased Maintenance and Decreased Productivity

How often does your old faithful copier break down? You have to drop everything you're doing to address the issue, and it becomes more difficult to find people experienced with older equipment. The productivity loss impacts your entire business, especially if you only have one or two copiers at the office.

On top of that, these models lack the productivity-boosting features that the latest technology has. You can scan to other devices, print from mobile phones, and even reduce the potential for a paper jam.

Your digital copier isn't obsolete the second something new comes out, and you can get years of service out of it when you treat it properly. The main thing you need to understand is that you'll need to replace it eventually. No IT infrastructure lasts forever, and it's better to plan for that situation sooner rather than later.


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