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Overcoming 4 Common Business Challenges to Get the Most From Your Documents


Identifying less-explored operational costs within a business can be difficult – the cost of enterprise printing is just one such challenge.

In document-intensive industries such as legal, technology can do a lot of heavy lifting for you. Technology can’t solve challenges alone – you have to understand your business processes and then be sure to select the right technology tool you’re your needs. Done correctly, technology can automate tasks – giving you time back in your day to focus on the 101 tasks you juggle.

Here’s a list of common business challenges – and potential solutions to those challenges – that can make a difference in your office.

Access to Documents From Mobile Devices

Challenge: The trend of using smartphones and tablets for work is only going to accelerate. You might even be reading this blog from yours right now. While bring productivity advantages, it makes it harder to keep confidential and sensitive information secure. (stolen and lost devices being one of the top concerns). Employees also want to work on the go, providing access to documents in your repository via mobile devices improves productivity, but comes with some additional business risk.

Solution: Data encryption or data wiping will provide security for mobile devices. If your phone is lost or stolen, these technologies ensure that the sensitive business data won’t be readable or accessible. For mobile access, many document management providers (such as Laserfiche) provide apps for secure access to business documents. And that’s much more secure than employee’s using personal Dropbox or Box accounts to access documents.

Paper Documents

Challenge: Paper documents can really slow down your business. Documents are hard to locate – they’re often lost at the bottom of a pile on a co-workers desk (or your own desk), filing is extremely time consuming, keeping them updated is difficult – so is finding the most up-to-date version. Paper documents are a time suck. They can also be insecure.

Solution: Document management will help you steal a ton of time back by allowing quick access to information. It will also assist in your office’s transition into becoming (for the most part) paperless. So, instead of flipping through paperwork in search for a specific page from a client’s file you can type in a search on your computer and, since the electronic files have been indexed, the document will be at your fingertips almost immediately.

Customer Satisfaction and Security

Challenge: A lot of businesses need to share and receive documents within and outside their organization. The problem occurs when the information the documents contain is confidential and needs to be secured and sent/received as quickly as possible. A law firm, for example, works with attorneys and other professionals irrespective of location. Thus, having the ability to maintain document integrity, track client information, and have easy access to retrieve them later is a huge part of keeping and delivering excellent client service.

Solution: A multifunction copier paired with document capture software (such as eCopy or Laserfiche) can address these challenges by allowing you to scan all business or – in the case of the law firm – client documents, index, save, and securely send via fax or email. And, saved into a document management repository, they’re easy to retrieve the next time you need them. 

Cutting Costs

Challenge: Identifying less explored operational costs within a business can be difficult – the cost of enterprise printing is just one such challenge. Law firms revolve around documents – copying, scanning, and printing them. Tracking print costs for cost recovery can be difficult.

Solution: Managed print services (MPS) is your best solution for cutting printing costs – no more toner or ink cartridges gathering dust in a closet because the machine it’s for is no longer in the office and you bought too much. Print tracking software will monitor number of documents printed and copied and deliver reports that detail number of documents by person, department, and client.

Want more information on how technology can solve business challenges? Let’s talk – we’d love to tell you more. 


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