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Want Higher Productivity? Start Ditching Paper

Paperless might still be a pipe dream, but paper-less and increased productiviy aren't - all thanks to your digital copiers.

You'll have a tough time delivering a quality customer experience if they have to wait around while you're on a grand adventure for hard copies.

Hard copy documents are talented at hiding away when you need them the most. You have to go on an office safari every time to track them, which cuts into the time you could spend on your work duties. Even a few minutes per day adds up. It's time to throw paper in the trash and get digital with your documents.

The Digital Copier Is the Key

The answer to your dilemma is sitting right in front of you -- your digital copiers. The paper document scanning feature lets you turn your paper documents into digital versions, which benefits you and your office through increased productivity, stronger information security, better customer satisfaction, and more cost efficiency.

How Do Digital Copies Improve Productivity

Think about the process you go through when you're trying to find a specific document. You have to hunt around on your desk, go through a filing cabinet, or head to a storage room to begin your search. A digital copy eliminates this entire process by giving you the opportunity to use a search tool in a centralized location. You reduce your time investment from five minutes to five seconds.

Digital Copies Provide Stronger Information Security

Many companies have a lot of security measures put in place for their digital assets, but they overlook the risks related to physical documents. If you leave a file filled with protected health information on a desk that's accessible to the public, all someone needs to do is grab it and go. By reducing or eliminating physical documentation, you can leverage protective measures such as encryption and access controls to keep the data safe.

Keep Your Customers Happy Through Digital Transformation

You'll have a tough time delivering a quality customer experience if they have to wait around while you're on a grand adventure for hard copies. It takes longer for them to get the answers that they're looking for and makes it more likely that they're going to complain about slow customer service.

Digital records pull up the name of the client, account, call history, contracts, invoices, and other critical pieces of information quickly. Depending on the type of customer relationship management system you use, you can get the chance to look over their file as they're connecting so you can start solving their problems right away.

Save More Money With Less Paper

Most offices use 20 reams of paper per employee every year and spend a significant part of the budget managing paper. You have to purchase and install file cabinets, as well as sacrifice expensive office space to provide a complete and secure storage solution. The business can't throw out documents once you're done with them. You have to follow certain retention requirements that could last from three years to a lifetime. You could end up getting backed into a corner while paper fills every available space.

Manual document filing systems typically lead to 3% of papers getting misplaced or lost entirely. If your vendors have early payment discounts, you miss out on those savings when you go through a lengthy search.

Change the way you manage documents by putting your digital copier through its paces. Once you scan your papers into a digital format, you can combine them with document management software to put a truly efficient and secure system in place.

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