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6 Ways a Multifunction Copier Improves Your Office Efficiency


Before you start to panic thinking about an additional line item on your capital expenditures budget, consider the economic and functional benefits of getting a 4-in-1 machine.

If you've ever moved offices (or just needed to redo your current office), you know what a hassle it is to pack equipment. You might have even questioned the necessity of carting around a scanner, fax machine, copier, and printer. Turns out that it's not necessary: you can move into the modern age with a multifunction copier. Before you start to panic thinking about an additional line item on your capital expenditures budget, consider the economic and functional benefits of getting a 4-in-1 machine.

Better Use of Office Space

When you're leasing office space, square footage is at a premium. Instead of using that precious floor space for redundant equipment, create a client waiting area, add a few extra chairs for staff break time, or even experiment with an "open concept" workplace. Spending hours on end with co-workers creates inevitable nerves, and a few extra feet can go a long way to increase breathing room. Plus, 4-in-1 copiers come in all kinds of compact sizes, so you may be able to just stick one on the corner of your desk.

Time Saver for Maintenance

Some time savings of a 4-in-1 copier are obvious: you don't have to go to different machines to accomplish different tasks. Others are more subtle but even more important: with one machine, you only have to update one set of drivers and software and only need to call one service partner for maintenance.

Cost Saver for Utilities and Upkeep

If you're late to the upgrade game, it may cost a bit more to buy a 4-in-1 multifunction copier. But over time, you'll save more money than if you had replaced each of your machines individually. In addition, the cash outlay to fix and maintain your old equipment probably will cost you in the long run.

Convenient Tool for Task Completion

While they say you should get up from your seat multiple times during the day, it's a hassle when your old equipment requires you to do so. Sure, you may get your heart rate up a bit by printing a document and then walking over to the copier to make duplicates, but it's far more convenient to print and copy at the same machine. In fact, you can set up your whole job from your computer and pick it up when it's done. If you want to give colleagues some extra exercise, stick a small exercise stepper next to the multifunction copier.

Waste Reducer

If you spend a lot of time buying, recycling, and replacing things like toner cartridges for your machines, a 4-in-1 machine is for you. One machine means one supply of copier accessories. This reduces your environmental impact, eases the burden on staff who order supplies, and cuts your ongoing costs.

Inventory Streamliner

That staff person who orders supplies will appreciate only having to talk to one vendor to get supplies and put in requests for maintenance or service for the copier. In addition, when itemizing the assets of the business in your accounting software, you need only include the copier instead of a series of depreciating machines which may bring little or no value to the company.

Multifunction copiers, also known as multifunction printers or MFPs, are available for many kinds of businesses, from a boutique law practice to a large firm. You may have to do some research to find what suits your office best, but we can help you make the right decision.

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