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Streamline Your Legal Workflow With Your Copier

Are you ready for a simple way to integrate hard-copy legal documents into a document management system (i.e. like Worldox DMS, of course)?

You can extend the value of your multifunction copier to your business by using it to remove paper from your office. Being able to access digital versions of case matters is a big deal in the legal industry – it allows you to spend more time serving clients and less time shuffling papers.

And, as an added bonus: No more hauling heavy stacks of paper around the office – now you can save that workout for the gym!

When writing these posts, I usually make it a point not to focus on a specific product. However, today is an exception.

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Do You Have As Many Rooms Full of Paper as You Do Partners?

For the majority of business records, the legality of digital document images as legally valid substitutes for the originals has been settled for years.

Research* indicates that “Legal” is most resistant of any department to paper-free work processes.

How many paper documents are in your office that you don’t really need? If you do need all of those documents, how much are you spending for file storage off-site? Are rooms filled with filing cabinets of old cases (and are those rooms and those documents physically secured?).

You can – legally – get rid of that paper. Better yet, paperless (or at least less paper) processes are faster, more efficient, and have solid ROI. So remove that paper and turn office space previously occupied by paper into something useful – another office for a partner, a break room for employees to take a breather, a client meeting room, lobby or whatever else you need.

Read on for tips on how to get this done.

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Is Your Document Workflow Wasting Your Time? 10 Questions to Ask Yourself

Even electronic documents can be lost if you don’t take the time to ensure an effective workflow and index the documents for future retrieval.

Moving documents through your office and getting them to the right people at the right time so that decisions can be made (and invoices paid!) is important. 

It’s also easy for documents to go astray. Paper documents placed on someone’s desk could quickly end up at the bottom of a stack, never to be seen again. A sensitive document printed to the color copier down the hall could be accidentally picked up by a co-worker – and could even be a privacy or other compliance breach depending on the level of personally identifiable information contained in the document. 

Even electronic documents can be lost if you don’t take the time to ensure an effective workflow and index the documents for future retrieval. 

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