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We here at DataMax take our job very seriously. Our job is to make your job easier by providing excellent services and solutions to your business needs. Because of our commitment to excellence, we have been recognized by many of our partners with numerous awards, honors, and certifications, including:

The Top Names in Business Solutions

Lexmark, Microsoft, Replay4, Little Rock Office Equipment

At DataMax, we partner with the best so that when you partner with us, you're guaranteed a high-quality product. In our list of technology partners, you will recognize innovative industry leaders that excel in their field. With customer-centric values and good global citizenship, these companies represent the best and brightest in the technology industry.

Quality Begins with the Right Company

Finding the right technology for your business begins with choosing a trusted company to work with. That is why we here at DataMax only partner with the best in the business. We provide you with the highest-quality scanners, copiers, and multifunctional printers. When you need a new device for your office, calling DataMax means you're enlisting the help of the best manufacturers there are.

Partner with the Best

Managed Print Services

Have you ever walked into a big box office supply store to look for equipment, and then left more confused than ever? With aisles of copiers, fax machines, printers, scanners, and more, all with different features and made by different companies, how can you make the right decision for your office? Maybe you've already made a decision and later found it was the wrong one—a costly and frustrating mistake. What's the solution?

Top Three Benefits of Multifunctional Printers

In your daily business operations, you probably rely heavily on your printer, scanner, and fax machine. They are invaluable pieces of equipment that help your office run smoothly and get work done quickly. However, if you're using one device for printing, another for scanning, and yet another for faxing, you're not getting the most out of your time. Consider using multifunctional printers, machines that can perform faxing, scanning, and printing duties.

An Introduction to Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services, Little Rock Office Equipment

What are managed print services (MPS), and how can your business benefit? Managed print services help you streamline your organization's printing needs while saving time and money. From product purchasing to usage tracking, MPS takes the guesswork out of printing.

3 Things Managed IT Services do to Make Your Job a Little Easier

Managed IT

For many of today's business owners, computer management is a difficult concept to master. With all of the focus being put into the company, who has time to focus on IT problems? With the help of managed IT services you can take your time building your company while your technicians worry about some of the following tasks.

4 Ways Document Management Saves You Time and Money

Document Management Services

Your organization's knowledge is valuable; it's a key component to success. But creating, storing, and retrieving this information can be costly. Recent studies estimate that 15% of all documents go missing, while 30% of an average workday is spent searching for information that is trapped in inefficient unstructured documents.

Choosing the Correct Managed IT Services

While handling all of your internal business processes in-house when you’re first starting out is a smart thing to do, does your business have a plan in place after it experiences its first real growth? During this phase, businesses really need to hone their internal processes and set them up to be profitable as the business takes on more clients and expenses and, in turn, earns more revenue.

Three Reasons to Use An Electronic Document Management System

With today’s technology, saving files on a flash drive is becoming less common. Instead, individuals and companies are using online document management to store and access their files. If you have not taken advantage of this tool, there are many reasons to consider switching, including these three.

1 – Collaboration

With online document management, it is easier than ever to collaborate with others. This is a great way to share information with people in your company, clients, and other individuals. It is also a lot more efficient.

2 – Eliminate Emails