Small Business Owners Take Note: Managed IT Improves Customer Service

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If you're a small business owner, you know that every person in your company wears multiple hats. You're all efficient, multifaceted individuals committed to the success of your business.

Because of this, you also know that at some point, you have to grow your infrastructure as your business grows. Nothing shows this more than the pressure your IT system undergoes during periods of rapid growth in your business. You know you can't operate efficiently—or sometimes even at all—without your IT system up and running.

Can Managed Print Services Save You Money?

Managed Print Services

IT departments across the business world are overtaxed and frustrated with one particular area: printers. IT employees are finding that the majority of their service requests are for printer jams, malfunctioning machines, or printing software installations and updates.

Managed IT Services FAQ

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We have been working in managed IT services for a while, and there are some common questions that come up when we start working with someone new. We would like to help answer some of those questions for you!

"Everyone's talking about Managed IT Services. Can you explain this in layman's terms?"

For the Multitasking Businessperson: The Multifunction Printer

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These days it's almost impossible to be one-track minded or single-focused. We're all multitasking, responding to emails while we eat our lunch or working out while we catch up on the day's news. We have high goals to achieve in our businesses and no time to waste. Sometimes this multitasking hurts our productivity, but we know that it's a necessary part of 21st century business life.

The Basics of Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services

Although there are some differences in definitions of "managed print services," the result is the same: money saved, workflows simplified, and budgets clarified. Managed print services help you weed out inefficiencies and make the most of the resources you use. With managed print, you can even move one step closer to reducing your environmental impact.

How can managed print services achieve all of this?

Why Managed Network Services?

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Managed services is a rapidly growing sector of the services market, becoming the popular choice for many forward-thinking businesses. But doubts remain for some: does a managed network services contract get you better results than traditional IT methods? Can you really save money with managed IT services?

Canon’s New MAXIFY Printers

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Continuing their aggressive forray into the small/home office market, Canon introduced the new MAXIFY series, a line of high-tech business inkjet printers that sit perfectly at the intersection of quality and economy. With high speed printing, low cos per print, wireless connectivity and cloud printing capabilities, this line is well suited for the needs of Canon's SOHO customers.

Choosing a Printer: A Short Overview

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Choosing a printer can be a challenge given the breadth of options available on the market today. There are as many printers as there are businesses, and there is a perfect machine out there for your unique needs. Whether you're a small business owner, work from home or employee hundreds of people, DataMax can help you find the right device.

Experience the Datamax Difference

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We here at Datamax take our job very seriously. Our job is to make your job easier by providing excellent services and solutions to your business needs. Because of our commitment to excellence, we have been recognized by many of our partners with numerous awards, honors, and certifications, including:

The Top Names in Business Solutions

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At DataMax, we partner with the best so that when you partner with us, you're guaranteed a high-quality product. In our list of technology partners, you will recognize innovative industry leaders that excel in their field. With customer-centric values and good global citizenship, these companies represent the best and brightest in the technology industry.