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Why Printing Still Matters

68Printing_matters.jpgThe digital revolution has changed things. From the way we market our businesses to the way we communicate with customers and vendors, business in the digital era looks different, and often leaves companies scrambling to figure out how – and how much – to utilize digital media.

One common concern is about printing. That is, whether it is still relevant. The answer? Yes. Printing still matters.


Print marketing still has a place in the business world. The tangible nature of a print ad can be seen as more credible by customers. Print marketing has the ability to reach a more specific audience. Online advertising can reach a wide audience, yes, but it’s often difficult to reach the specific niche that you want to advertise to directly. Customers often spend more time reading a print ad than an online one. While customers skim or even often quickly dismiss online ads, print ads allow the customers to interact with the ad and spend longer reading the material.

Other Types of Printing

Print ads are typically the first thing that comes to mind when discussing the importance of printing. However, other types of printing can still be relevant as well. Direct mailing to customers of thank you cards or event invitations, notification of sales, and other direct correspondence can still be important in today’s digital era.


The quality of prints is more important than ever. Customers expect to see high quality, captivating images and prints, thanks to the growth of digital marketing and newer and better printers.

Printed materials are useful in nearly any sector, but may be extra beneficial to certain industries, like automotive, hospitality, and home improvement businesses.

In Little Rock, Datamax can help you choose the best printer for all of your printing needs, no matter what your business sector may be. Contact us today to learn more about taking advantage of print.

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